ABMA 7 1995-JAN-01 Shaft and Housng Fts for Metrc Radal Ball and Roller Bearngs Except Tapered Roller Bearngs Conformng to Basc Boundary Plan

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This standard covers the general selection of shaft and housing fits for metric radial all and roller bearings of tolerance classes ABEC 1 - RBEC 1 as influenced by the type and extent of bearing loading and other design requirements. Other tolerance classes are not covered by this standard.

Recommendations for the fitting practices of some particular types of ball and roller bearings are covered in other ANSUABMA standards.

This standard can also be used as a guide for determining shaft and housing dimensions for inch design ball and roller bearings by using the recommended shaft and housing fits for metric bearings and applying the appropriate bore and O.D. tolerances for the inch design bearings, except those bearings covered by ANSUABMA Standard 15.

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